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, colored resume paper and linen resume paper for less. What Paper Should I Print My Resume On? If you enjoy this tutorial, consider reading our comprehensive How To Write A Resume tutorial. What is the best paper to use when printing up your resume to present in an interview? What Paper Should I Print My Resume On? What is the best paper to use when mailing a resume as part of a job application? Resume paper is usually better quality than regular copy paper. You can purchase high-quality paper which is thicker and has more texture than regular printer paper. Resume specific paper is also non-transparent. The thickness avoids tearing of the paper.
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  • 24lbs weight at a minimum is what should be used. Staples Sites Print Marketing. Copy Multipurpose Paper Color Printing Paper Photo Paper Large Quantity Paper. Stationery Invitations Envelopes Awards Certificates Business Cards Resume Paper POS Paper Wide Format Paper Thermal Fax Paper Security Carbon Forms. Use nice resume paper to print your resume on, and youll make a great first impression on prospective employers.
  • So do keep this in mind when applying for the resume next time. Card stock. Just as the wording of the resume is important, it is also very important that on which type of paper the resume is being printed. You emailed it or you sent it through the companys online portal, so surely the person interviewing you has already printed a copy.
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  • The color, weight all are not suitable for a preferred resume. It's thick and hearty enough to feel and look professional, but it's still easily used in most printers.

resume printing paper
Our suggestion is to use ivory, 32 lbs, granite, 75-100 cotton resume paper or white, 32 lbs, plain, 75-100 cotton resume paper. But Feel free to pick a paper type that you like best! Copy Paper Color Printing Paper Photo Paper Large Quantity Paper.

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resume printing paper 24lbs weight at a minimum is what should be used. In total we assessed 6 resume papers. What it comes down to is a watermark means its good quality paper. I don't like the linen paper. Southworth linen resume paper, white 32 lb, this is linen resume paper option in a classic, polished white.
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Bill of sale car as is Grocery bag paper 75 lb, for comparison of paper weight, definitely don't print your resume on a grocery bag. The weight of this resume paper is 20 heavier than regular copy paper. The paper will crease and look sloppy. Resume paper is a more substantial and higher quality type of paper.
resume printing paper


10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid! This is by far the best paper to go with if youre applying for a job. I do recommend." air force tactical aircraft maintenance Parchment Specialty Paper 24lbs Grey This quality textured paper is free of acid and lignin, so your documents can stand the test of time and stand out with the distinguished, distinctive look of parchment.