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information, but these laws lack uniformity or consistency. A hiring manager will always inquire about basic details, though. These examples show that the importance of correctly phrasing the interview questions to ask an employer. Certainly, an employer may not ask a broad question about impairments that is likely to elicit information about disability, such as, What impairments do you have? Want some help with all that? An employer may not ask applicants about job-related injuries or workers compensation history. What have I accidentally said or done during todays interview thats inconsistent with your perfect candidate for this job?
  • What to remember, as a job seeker, the key to a good interview is to find out as much about your potential employer as possible and preparing your talking points in advance. If the particular question is not likely to elicit information about whether the applicant has a disability, it is permissible. Knowing the importance by now, lets come down to our favourite 5 interview questions to ask an employer put together. Why you need to ask: You need to know any problems or past history associated with this position.
  • Find here the Interview. Questions, employer, should, ask. List of illegal interview questions outlawed by the eeoc.
  • Dont ask dont answer these illegal job interview questions and find out what to say instead. How long have you prepared to answer all the interview questions? Why not flip positions by getting the set of interview questions ready to ask an employer. Absentee Record, an employer may ask an applicant, How many Mondays or Fridays were you absent last year on leave other than approved vacation leave. You re probably prepared to be grilled at your next interview, but make sure you fire back with these questions of your own.
  • Are there any reasons Im not fully qualified for this position? Not only will doing this make you appear more committed as a candidate, but it will also give you better insight into both the challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead for you. So while you need to use the interview to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the job, you also need to be convinced that the job and the company would be a great fit for you. However, the employer may not ask questions about the applicants underlying condition.


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Who better to ask than your interviewer? What you don't want is to allow yourself to be misled about the jobs requirements and end up overwhelmed and over your head after the first week on the job. In addition, the employer may not ask reasonable accommodation questions that are unrelated to job functions such as, Will you need reasonable accommodation to get to the cafeteria? For obvious reasons, a given employer wants to hire honest, qualified candidates to fill their openings. What are the company's five-year sales and profit organization chart freeware projections? What can you tell me about the individual to whom I would report? Why you need to ask: It doesn't matter how wonderful the company might be; your time will be spent working for a specific manager.
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