what day is it october

Day: 8 *National Salmon Day: 8 World Child Development Day: 8 (2nd Tuesday) *World Octopus Day: 8 Link. See link.) Mother-in-Law Day: 27 (Always 4th Sunday) *Navy june 1999 calendar Day: 27 Link Priesthood Sunday: 27 Link (Last Sunday) Reformation Sunday: 27 (Last Sunday.) Visit A Cemetery Day: 27 (Last Sunday) *World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: 27 Link World. All Music News popular Free Throw Lyrics. Oktoberfest (German pronunciation: ktobfst ) is the world's largest, volksfest ( beer festival and travelling funfair ). In 1870, the Franco-Prussian War again forced the cancellation of the festival. Retrieved 11 December 2013. Thirteen people were killed and over 201 were injured, 68 seriously. 1) *World Standards Day: 14 Link * Blind Americans Equality Day: 15 *Global Handwashing Day: 15 Link *International Day of Rural Women: 15 *I Love Lucy Day: 15 *National Aesthetician Day: 15 Link *National Cake Decorating Day:. Thanks to Nick Saulino for letting me know about International Beer and Pizza Day. Homing pigeon averages a record 133kph in an 1100km race in Australia. 7 They serve together with special detachments of Munich police, the fire department and other municipal authorities in the service centre at the Behördenhof (authorities' court a large building specially built for the Oktoberfest at the east side of the Theresienwiese, just behind the tents. In 1938, after Hitler had annexed Austria and won the Sudetenland via the Munich Agreement, Oktoberfest was renamed to " Grossdeutsches Volksfest " (Greater German folk festival and as a showing of strength, the Nazi regime transported people. "Herzlich Willkommen beim Münchner Roten Kreuz". In 2009, road blocks were raised, and access controls during the festival, due to the perceived threat of attacks by Islamists, were increased.
what day is it october


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May 29 2017 memorial day

The fairground, once outside motor bill of sale the city, was chosen due to its natural suitability. You can exclude holidays and count business days only. "Der Eurostar ist jetzt ein Russe" (in German). Although we have holidays for most days, there are a few that are blank.