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on your blog. You can view the Weekly Standards media kit. After viewing just a few pages a prospective media buyer has a clear idea of what the site contains, what makes the audience unique / valuable, and how exactly advertisers can get their message to that audience. Terres, call Lionel Taylor at (123) 456-7890. If you have an impressive list of past advertisers, media kit cover page this type of feature can be a great social proof for your media kit. A list of publications and speaking appearances: If your expert has published articles under her name or has been"d in other articles, list the titles, publication names, and dates. Example #5: Break Media. Example #7: Fast Company, fast Companys media kit includes the print publication, but still stands out as a great example of how to present your site to potential advertisers. The Nation The Audience profiles part of this media kit is the one to watch. What issues the organization or expert can address and why theyre qualified to speak about them. Heres an outdated, but informative media kit of GoodReads. It's created for Word, so you don't need specialized design programs to edit yours. Heres what you need: A cover letter: This element introduces the person or the company and the kit, and includes the following information: Who the person or organization is including name and title for a person, or a brief description of the organization. A list of subjects or issues your expert can address. Symbolis Blogger Media Kit. Shout out your thoughts and experiences with media kits below. Blog Media Kit Template Two Pages. You can find even more creative press kit templates here. It's a great choice for writers, comedians, photographers, and more.

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Lists of media kit cover page clients, projects, or accomplishments: Companies can include annotated lists of current and/or previous work that demonstrate their experience. Samples of your experts work: Include articles your expert has written or case studies of projects involving your expert. This Microsoft Word-based template features a full-page image. Blog Media Kit Sponsorship, this template by Blogger Kit. It compares how it fares against competitive sites, so the advertiser could come to a quick conclusion about sponsorship. It may be the right kit for a blogger who is just starting out. National Review opted for their media kit to be placed on a sub-domain for convenience purposes. Blog Media Kit Two Pages. M : This one is pretty bad, but the last page has a good example of a clean layout of ad units.
  1. National Review : This one isnt the prettiest media kit weve seen, but the efficiency is impressive. The feature of the various channels gives a good understanding of what types of advertisers would be a good fit, and the demographic info is straight to the point. It essentially tells anyone interested in reaching an older or more female audience that this isnt the place for themand proceeds to highlight just how many young men are coming to m and other properties in the network. DailyCandy The media kit of DailyCandy includes advertisement opportunities for both their digital and Email version of their Fashion blog.
  2. Boost your brand and business with an impressive information packet made from one of Canva s professionally designed media kit templates. Seven Examples Of Media Kits That Make It Rain. Killer Page: This media kit does a great job laying out opportunities to sponsor mobile devices and tablets. If your site has a big mobile presence and/or app sponsorships available, this makes for a good template. Make your lifestyle your medicine.
  3. They have included key stats of their Mobile, Desktop as well as Android app readers in their media kit. Once you get the how to format cover letter word out about your blog with a media kit, it's time to make sure your blog and its brand is in tip-top shape. A lot has been talked recently focusing on the value of media kits for blog owners in this digital world.
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Enter Now; For Full Access Contact Hope. A press kit is a collection of written materials designed to introduce an expert or a company to the media. Often these materials are contained in an attractive folder and accompanied by a cover letter.