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company to do this or have one of your current employees handle. And higher relevance often leads to greater engagement with your piece and improved response rates. Plus, youll qualify for lower saturation postage rates. Ncoa is a database maintained by the usps that contains the names of individuals and companies that have changed addresses within the last four years. Dont Waste Your Marketing Budget on a Bad Mailing List. Firmographic Segmentation (Business Stats used in business-to-business marketing. How often are your lists run through the Coding Accuracy Support System (cass) and the National Change of Address Database (ncoa)? We take great pride in the quality of information, and were sure youll be satisfied with the results. When you start with a good mailing list, you greatly improve your chance for marketing success! When you purchase a mailing list through PostcardMania, we will go through all of the targeting options with you to make sure you target your ideal prospects and generate the best possible response! And lists that are segmented using psychographic data or sales stage information will probably be more expensive than lists segmented demographically or geographically. But if youre responsible for finding your own and dont know how to get mailing list addresses, there are several resources you can use for mailing list rental. In most cases, renting a mailing list is the way. If you use a full-service direct mail company, they should obtain a list for you. If you want to be more specific with your targeting, you can combine different audience segmentation methods to reach a more qualified audience. If you dont get your lists from free direct mailing list m, you may be using inaccurate information that wont help your business properly market all the goods and services it has to offer consumers. When youre not seeing results from your current direct mail pieces, it may be time to take a closer look at the data youve been using.
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  • The mailing list is the most important part of any direct mail campaign. Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to determine your audience, select a mailing strategy, and obtain the perfect list. Well also provide a handful of questions that can help you choose the right list provider. Great mailing lists are key to marketing success. When youre sending a piece of direct mail, you probably put quite a bit of thought into the design, copy and promotional deals, but you cant forget the most important part: your mailing lists.
  • Affordable Downloadable Mailing Lists: Consumer, Business, New Homeowner & New Mover Mailing Lists. Free Instant Online List Search. Targeted direct mailing lists can be expensive, but they're likely to garner the best response rate and profit and generate the most cost-effective leads and loyal customers. It's practically impossible to overstate the importance of direct mailing lists to the success of your direct mail program. Mailing list pricing for consumer, business, new mover and new homeowner mailing lists.
  • We include mailing lists in our saturation and targeted direct mail services. This table shows the relationships between the five segmentation types and the two main mailing strategies. List Compilers Manage the lists theyve compiled and market them to potential clients. For example, you can remove business addresses, PO boxes, and some residential addresses (like drop addresses, seasonal addresses, and apartments). Is there a discount for multiple uses?
  • The mailing list is the single most important part of any direct mail campaign. Conclusion Reaching the right people is crucial to the success of your direct mail campaign. Names on compiled lists come from a variety of sources, including: Associations professional/trade organizations, membership organizations, trade shows/events, etc. There are two main types of rented direct mail address lists: Response Lists Made up of individuals who have replied, inquired, or purchased in the past due to an offer they received from a company with products and services similar to yours. The process of keeping your lists free of incorrect information, duplicate names, and other inaccuracies is called data hygiene.
Create your perfect marketing list by choosing from hundreds of criteria options, including geography, income, sales volume, credit rating, and more. Ready to get started? Build your business or consumer mailing list, or call our marketing experts at 800.835.5856 to learn more about mailing lists and direct mail campaigns. Mailing List Broker Prices. A direct mail marketing campaign is an excellent way to promote your business.
  1. How Much Do Mailing Lists Cost? Cons : Doesnt offer extensive targeting, no personalization Works well for : Consumer-facing businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, car washes, etc.
  2. But, if you either don't possess a quality contact list or you want to grab the attention of new customers, it makes sense to buy a mailing list. Reach the right customers with targeted mailing list services from Vistaprint. Choose from consumer or business mailing lists and filter by specific criteria to match your target customers. Sign up today and receive affordable and up to date mailing lists to your email just minutes after checkout.
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  4. We hope this guide helped break down what can be a complicated process into some easy, actionable steps. As you become more comfortable with list selection, you may want to begin testing different mailing lists against each other. Consumer-facing businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, and automotive shops can benefit from a saturation mailing strategy. As one of the most experienced data compilers in the industry, we can provide your business with the highest quality databases out there. If they have used it, you may want to target a different group of people.
  5. Its important to keep organized records of everyone who comes into your business or contacts you for information. And if you want the best mailing lists around, you need. These lists are compiled using a variety of sources, including government databases, magazine subscriptions, vehicle registrations, credit card lists, and phone records. Which other mailers have used the list recently?


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Geographic Segmentation (Location-Specific used when youre trying to reach people in a specific area. Unfortunately, this means we cannot provide standalone mailing lists for you to purchase. PostardMania partners with only the most reputable mailing list providers, and because we buy in high volume, we are able to negotiate better pricing than you would get from them directly. List Owners Sell lists that have performed well to non-competitive companies. When youre sending a piece of direct mail, you probably put quite a bit of thought free direct mailing list into the design, copy and promotional deals, but you cant forget the most important part: your mailing lists.