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frantically from baby bottles. The funniest answer gets a point. Click here for the directions and free printable scavenger hunt cards. Collect all the photos at the beginning of the shower. The blindfolded player will spin ten times. Everyone will be laughing so hard! Or recite as much of a nursery rhyme as you can. Distribute numbered, blank lists, and have each guest guess baby shower guest board who is pictured in each photo. Then give everyone five or ten minutes to answer all of the trivia questions. Icebreaker Games, guess Who? No matter what, the ones who guessed big will have a lot to say! Make a copy for each guest. The winner of this game is the one who gets the most right. Preparation for this free baby shower game: Before the shower, Find out from the mother-to-be what name she has chosen for the baby.
baby shower guest board

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Vintage winter wedding invitations Baby Shower Concentration Also known as Baby Shower Memory Game. Mother's Perfect Baby Preparation for this free baby shower game: Before the shower, make a list of the mother-to-be's idea of the perfect baby in terms of physical characteristics and personality traits, and have the expectant mother fill it out. They have to write down, on ten slips of paper you provide (dont forget a pen!) ten different words or phrases that have something to do with babies. For example: Am I a woman?
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  1. Elephant Baby Shower Guest Book, printable - Aspen Jay
  2. Some of the most enjoyable, exciting, and meaningful baby shower games are played sitting down, writing, taste testing, and more. Free baby shower games for your party! A game that seems to be a hit, particular with sweet tooths, is the word matching game. Most of these words have to do with the birth and delivery of the baby and the prizes correspond with the words. The best baby shower games are first and foremost fun.
  3. After all, whats the point of playing if it isnt? But more than that, many of these baby shower games made the best list by not just being about baby, but the mom and, often, the guests too. This way, everyone has a chance to be the.
  4. Baby shower guest board
  5. If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments! Print an answer sheet for each guest.


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