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party being basically hours of football watching and napping, why not try out one of these fun Thanksgiving party games instead? Remember the game show The Price is Right? Play one of over 15 hilarious Thanksgiving themed games that will get your family up, moving, and laughing! We always do one of these gift exchange games but other than that, I always try to pick something new! Another Nerf Gun games that kids and adults will both love, Flying Turkey from Frugal Fun 4 Boys will for sure keep you on target this Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving minute to win it games instead! Just like pinning a gobbler on the turkey, Pin a Feather on a Turkey from Palm Beach Prints is a fun take on an old favorite! Bring out the maracas and sombreros, and use your leftovers to create some classic Mexican dishes with a new twist. Send your family on a hunt to find turkeys hidden around the yard in this fun. This will cut down on your cooking time, too. More Ideas You Might Like. Everyone sits down and eats a delicious meal together. These would be perfect for right before or right after the annual family football game! Thanksgiving Pizza Party, like Chef Michael Chiarello's Panini party, get your friends together to make your own pizzas, Thanksgiving-style, using leftovers on grilled pizza flatbreads. Now, had he saved his leftovers a bit longer and hosted a casual Moist Maker get-together, that probably wouldnt have happened. Click here for the Mexican Fiesta Party Menu. Mexican Fiesta, leave your holiday woes behind by hosting a fun Mexican-themed party, complete with a turkey piñata (we suggest filling it with chocolate, not stuffing) and cranberry cocktails, since what's a fiesta with booze? Serve these with maple syrup and cranberry sauce. Hedgehog Mushroom and Turkey Pot Pie from The Daily Meal, winter Squash Pudding from The Daily Meal.
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  • Attire for this gathering is medieval chic. After spending, thanksgiving, day with extended family, most are eager for a little fun with friends university essay examples free away from annoying siblings or over-doting parents. Would you rather eat turkey or ham?
  • Instead of tomato, spread pizza with cranberry sauce, shredded turkey and cheese. For added heft, add other Thanksgiving leftover favorites, or toss some roasted turkey with a bit of mayonnaise and curry power for a quick turkey salad.
  • Its called The Thanksgiving Game and promises to bring family and friends closer together what more can I say? Tie the ribbon ends together in a knot, trim the tips so they are uniform, and slip the knot over a finishing nail. Breakfast for Dinner, after hosting 40 people for Thanksgiving, sometimes you just want to lay low, lounge around in your pajamas and watch movies all day. Its fun but a little challenging to come up with enough games that we arent doing the same thing each year.
  • Grilled Pizzas, top with: Butternut or sweet potato puree with blue cheese and cranberries or bacon bits. More Thanksgiving Games Dont want to make your own? Practice Shooting Turkeys in this hilarious game from A Girl And a Glue Gun that consists of Nerf guns and homemade turkeys to shoot in your very own backyard! Click here for the Turkey Bowl Party Menu. Menu: Turkey Tacos, cat Cora's Healthy Enchilada Pie from The Daily Meal.
  • This, im An Open Box Gratitude Game from Fly Trap One is 52 cards full of fun ways to show your gratitude. Tons of Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games From Play Party Plan here. Get your family talking and moving with these fun printable cards with. Or, even if cooking up a storm and entertaining 20 guests from out of town has left you devoid of energy, still have those neighbors come over for the holiday movie marathon.


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Bento cafe orlando fl Get kids (and adults) moving as the use of special journals to record transactions they complete this fun Thankful Leaves Bucket Toss from Kids Activities Blog. A hilarious game of balance and fun for kids and adults alike, Dont Topple the Teepee from The Inspired Treehouse is great for developing motor skills!
Day after thanksgiving party ideas Thanksgiving Would You Rather from Classroom Freebies can get conversations and laughter going! Pick and choose your favorites that work best for the group youll be spending Thanksgiving with! Not if you play these Thanksgiving games!
day after thanksgiving party ideas


What does kms mean in texting. With an abundance of leftovers in the fridge, a three- day weekend, and perhaps some leftover booze, youve got all the makings for a fabulous party. Day After Thanksgiving, potluck. Which means it s the beginning of the holiday season-starting with. Every, thanksgiving, we bring together our families and friends and share a full day of feasting and fun.

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Last year, we were inspired. Click here for more ideas on what to do with your leftovers. Play a rambunctious game of Autumn Charades (with printable cards) from Old Market Corner to burn off some of that energy (and turkey!) Bowl for turkeys in this fun Thanksgiving version of a family favorite! Get all the details for Holiday Family Feud (with free questions answers) from Play Party Plan Play one of over google notes template 15 hilarious Thanksgiving themed games that will get your family up, moving, and laughing! Just as perfect for jocks as for people who'd like to work off some calories from the previous day, set up a touch football game for the adults and turkey-bowling on the lawn for the kids.