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tedious task of recording both the debit and credit general ledger account names and amounts. What is a special journal? What is a flexible budget variance? For example, if a retailer pays. Download (PDF, 179KB download (PDF, 738KB download (PDF, 742KB). Definition of a Variance In accounting the term variance usually refers to the difference between an actual amount and a planned or budgeted amount. What is a post-dated cheque? Definition of Gains In financial accounting, gains often pertain to some of a companys transactions which occur outside physical therapy job interview questions of the companys main business activities. Download (PDF, 660KB download (PDF, 723KB download (PDF, 647KB). For example, if a company's budget for repairs expense is 50,000 and the actual amount ends up being. Definition of Wages Payable Wages payable refers to the wages that a company's employees have earned, but have not yet been paid.


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Accounting papers accounting quiz

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Stage shift restaurant For example, if a company's budget for supplies expense is 30,000 and the actual amount is 28,000. The obsolete items may be the result of one or more of the following: Innovations that make the products worthless, inconvenient, unattractive, Read More.
Accounting quiz questions and answers pdf What is a favorable variance? What are wages payable?
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Example of a Post-dated Check To illustrate, let's assume that on May 22 Jim owes a supplier 2,000 for purchases bank teller objective resume made 40 days. Download (PDF, 142KB download (PDF, 143KB download (PDF, 117KB). Download (PDF, 712KB download (PDF, 643KB download (PDF, 706KB). Download (PDF, 757KB download (PDF, 821KB).