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gig. Why were you promoted? The trick to making it in the yes pile, Nolan says, is to identify phrases from the job posting and mirror them on your resume. If you were promoted, why? Did you successfully lead a high-stakes project? No sense giving an ageist hiring manager an excuse to pass you over because youre too young or too old. Use a few lines of text to weave a story for hiring managers. Peepo / E / Getty Images. Highlight Performance, dont make hiring managers hunt for your achievements, says executive resume writer Laura Smith-Proulx. What have your bosses and coworkers said that you do better than anyone else? So delete overused phrases like quick learner, hard worker, and great attitude, and sub in a list of hard skills. Differentiate this section from the summary at the top by focusing on quantifiable evidence. You can also leave out graduation dates. Distinguishable tech and social media knowledge is particularly wish you a happy lunar new year relevant in todays job market, she says.

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Some things never go out style, though: When it comes to packaging your work experience, crisp writing and brevity still reign supreme. Need to write a curriculum vitae? Also note: No bot, nor human, is looking specifically for soft skills, James points out. You want to show what you can do for an employer, not what they can do for you, says Sam Nolan, a professional resume writer and the blogger behind the career advice column. Related: What Your Cover Letter Should Look Like in 2017. As you shop the job market, make your resume stand free may calendar 2017 out by using the tips (and the accompanying downloadable template ) below. In both places, youll want language that calls out some of the achievements and attributes that make you most valuable to an employer. If youre anything beyond an entry-level employee, your internships and other early jobs are taking up valuable space, Smith-Proulx says. a qualification summary should take up the most valuable real estate on your resume, Nolan says. Or, as Smith-Proulx puts it, What is your superpower? While the job market is expected to keep booming in 2017, competition will be stiff. What you want is a balance a smooth, clear look thats got just enough panache to stand out. Applicant tracking systems, or the software used to scan resumes, look for relevant keywords to move a candidate forward.
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  • Emphasize Key Skills, also near the top, catch the hiring managers attention by emphasizing your skill set. Instead, pull out a standalone summary of what youve accomplished. Bonus tip: If youre still using a Hotmail or Yahoo account, nows the time to get a Gmail address or, if applicable, an email tied to your website. A curriculum vitae (or CV) is a job application document similar to a resume but includes slightly different information.
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  • The point is to highlight what you cant afford a potential employer to miss Its a high-level overview of your candidacy. Pay Attention to Format, design matters. As you eye different postings, rework this section to emphasize the skills that make the most sense for each (rather than using the same boilerplate language for every job). When did you change industries?

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Resume template word 2018 Resume trends change quickly. (And no, the Microsoft Office suite doesnt count.). If youve still got an objective modeling portfolio sample pdf section underneath your header, dump. Adding a small pop of color is an easy way to spice things up without jarring the reader, says Dana Leavy-Detrick, owner of Brooklyn Resume Studio. Then, use bullet points to back your claims with relevant facts and figures.
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Scope creep project management From head shots to QR codes to company logos, its hard to tell which extras will get your application noticed, and which will get you tossed out of the running. Make yours an attention grabber: Point the reader to places where you have samples of your work product LinkedIn, a personal website and add your phone and email address. Once you have downloaded a template, you can use the formatting and section titles from the template, and then fill in resume template word 2018 each section with your information.