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in the XLStart folder. Values in a grand total row or column are calculated by using the same summary function used in the data area of the PivotTable report. Tick marks and tick-mark labels Tick marks are small lines of measurement, similar to divisions on a ruler, that intersect an axis. Moving border An animated border that appears around a worksheet range that has been cut or copied. " 6, click "OK. Without it, there is no way to unprotect the workbook or worksheet. Up-down bars In line charts with multiple data series, bars that indicate the difference between data points in the first and last series. A menu will pop up allowing you to merge them. Operator A sign or symbol that specifies the type of calculation to perform within an expression. A field that's displayed in the category area of the PivotChart report. Any cell on a worksheet can be the input cell. 2, select the cell or cells you want locked. Click "Protect Sheet." credit: Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft.


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Address, the path to an object, document, file, page, or when to plant shrubs other destination. The outline can summarize either an entire worksheet or a selected portion. Each database program or management system requires a different driver. " 10 Place a checkmark next to the option labeled "Protect worksheet and contents of locked cells. You can change views of data, see different levels of detail, or reorganize the chart layout by dragging fields and by showing or hiding items in fields.
  1. The type of argument a function uses is specific to the function. Shared workbook A workbook set up to allow multiple users on a network to view and make changes at the same time. Merged cell A single cell that is created by combining two or more selected cells. Range Two or more cells on a sheet. When you protect worksheet or workbook elements with a password, it is very important that you remember that password.
  2. It also shows how to unlock individual cells on a protected sheet by a password, or allow specific users to edit those cells without password. Select the, excel worksheet you want to lock. Select the Review tab and click the Protect Sheet icon in the Ribbon s Changes section. Video of the Day.
  3. Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft. Video of the Day, by default, users can select locked lock cells on excel spreadsheet and unlocked cells in a protected worksheet. Criteria pane The area of the window that displays the criteria used to limit the records included in the result set of your query.
  4. The first two items are checked by default, allowing anyone opening the worksheet to select both. If the majority of cells in your Excel document contain valuable data or complex formulas, consider locking or protecting the entire document, then unlock the few cells that are allowed to be modified.

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To prevent accidental or deliberate changes to data contained in cells of a worksheet or workbook, Excel has tools for locking certain worksheet elements that can be used with or without a password. My company has switched from Google Docs to SharePoint and Office 365. One of the things that we need to be able to do is have a collaborative live/dynamic spreadsheet that give lock some cells. Code-named Odyssey, Excel is a software program from Microsoft that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software developed by Microsoft.