past participle of set up

He/She/It will/shall have been setting. 1992, Hilary Mantel, A Place of Greater Safety, Harper Perennial 2007,. Future Perfect Continuous Tense. You/We/They had been setting. Give the cement 24 hours to set up before walking. Synonyms edit Translations edit Related terms edit Anagrams edit Retrieved from " ". When the wedding was over, past participle of set up Sue and Bob set up a joint bank account. 2011 October 1, John Sinnott, Aston Villa 2 - 0 Wigan, in BBC Sport 2 : Just past the hour Agbonlahor set up the second, crossing for Bent to net. Sue set up Bob; she emptied the bank account and fled. I will/shall have been setting. Robespierre looked at me sideways and smiled and said to Madame, You're a young lady after my own heart. To gel or harden.


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Its past tense and past participle are also set: Yesterday he set three posts for the fence. The judge has set the date for the trial. Set also has some standard intransitive uses, as to pass below the horizon ( The sun sets. Set up (third-person singular simple present sets up, present participle setting up, simple past and past participle set up) To ready something for use. We set up the sprinkler.

To Set: Past participle of set up

past participle of set up Tea party wedding invitations
Field sales outsourcing india Winning the lottery has set them up for life. Past Perfect Continuous Tense, he/She/It had been setting.
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Past participle of set up Simple / Indefinite Present Tense, he/She/It sets. Last night, Bob set up one hundred chairs for the wedding. To found ; to start (a business, scheme) 2017 April 6, Samira Shackle, On the frontline with Karachis ambulance drivers, in the Guardian 3 : With the help of his wife Bilquis, he set up a maternal health clinic and a centre for abandoned children. To trap or ensnare. After he left college, his father set him up in the family business.


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Set up my CD collection. To cause to happen Even a minor change can set up new bugs. TO SET UP is an unusual one. It remains the same past, present and future tense - meaning to arrange or organise. He was set up to fail from the start. She set herself up past participle of set up as an interior designer. You/We/They will/shall have been setting. I have been setting. Jump to navigation, jump to search, see also: setup and set-up. To cause to happen, even a minor change can set up new bugs.