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Avenue, west Valley City, UT 84119 (222)-408-6921,. For Social and Population scientists: Research focused position: Psychology - Public Health and Health Promotion (Cover letter, CV, teaching statement, research statement added July 2017. I plan to develop my dissertation into a book manuscript and continue to research the cover letter assistant professor role of female writers in antebellum magazine culture, with a particular focus on the rise and influence of female magazine editors on literary culture. If youre ready to take the next step in your academic career, click on any of the professor cover letter examples shown below to get started. Nancy Eddings, hR Manager. Create My Cover Letter, advertisement. Eddings, I wish to apply for the position of Assistant Professor as advertised. Youll also need a cover letter to convince educational institutions that youre the right person for the job. Free Assistant Professor Cover Letter Sample. As you can see, I am highly suited to the post of Assistant Professor at Barton College North Carolina. Subject: Application for position of Assistant Professor. I take a friendly approach to teaching, believing that my students are simply equals who have yet to gain the knowledge I can impart to them. I am confident that my teaching experience and my research interests make me an ideal candidate for your open position. Last spring, I developed and taught a course on the history of print culture in America. My senior project on applications of partial differential equations fits well with current research efforts in the graduate department. Sample II (Cover letter, CV, research statement, teaching statement added September 2017. For Biomedical scientists: Research-focused position: Sample I (Cover letter, CV, teaching statement added September 2017. Format your cover letter so that it can be delivered in a number of different formats, such as PDF, html file, or Word document, depending on whats required. Employers are increasingly scanning cover letters for certain keywords that must necessarily be present. I know I would thrive as a teacher in your cover letter assistant professor college, due to your belief in small classroom size and individualized support for students. Sample III (Research statement added September 2017, sample IV (Cover letter, CV, research statement, teaching statement added October 2017. I pride myself on creating a classroom environment that accommodates the needs of my students while still promoting a high level of critical thought and writing skills. I have some experience in teaching and tutoring students when I worked at Western Carolina University North Carolina. Appleton, An assistant professor not only needs to understand the subject matter he or she teaches, but also communicate at both the level of the teacher and of the student. Professor Job Seeking Tips, bettering yourself as a seeker of jobs as a Professor can only take your search so far, but improving and polishing your cover letter can be the ultimate catalyst for nailing your dream job. If your job seeking skills are rusty or its your first time around, consider taking a workshop on job hunting practices in the digital age to get you up to speed on the new norms for would-be employees. Sample II (Cover letter, CV, teaching statement, research statement added July 2017, small liberal arts college. Although your resume is the centerpiece of your job application, recruiters often pore through hundreds of them looking for the best candidates. Not only does my teaching experience suit the needs of your school and department, but my research interests also fit perfectly with your description of the ideal candidate. I would be happy to send you any additional materials such as letters of reference, teaching evaluations, and past and proposed course syllabi.
  • Sample V (Cover letter, CV, teaching statement, estimated budget). I have had a positive and interactive relationship with my professors, which I feel bodes well for an assistant professor position. Thank you so much for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you. My combination of superior academic accomplishment and instructional experience at the learning center give me the necessary skill set to become an excellent assistant professor.
  • As you can see, I am highly suited to the post. Assistant Professor at Barton, college, north Carolina. I have some experience in teaching and tutoring students when I worked at Western Carolina University North Carolina.
  • I may be contacted at (222)-408-6921, or by email. Refer to the free assistant professor cover letter sample for more guidance. My dissertation is entitled War and Knowledge Production.
  • To create an application package that highlights your unique skills experiences, please schedule an appointment. Take time for reflection and self-improvement during your time between jobs.
  • Make sure yours includes the keywords applicable to your career. Reassessing your work and personal life balance is always a good habit at times like these.
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