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1,540,000.00, scott McGregor 1,066,171.00, mike Boddicker 850,000.00, terry Kennedy 850,000.00, tom Niedenfuer 850,000.00, don Aase 675,000.00, dave Schmidt 625,000.00, larry Sheets 540,000.00, mark Thurmond 435,000.00, doug Sisk 410,000.00, mike Morgan 375,000.00. Relief pitcher: Josh Hader (27) and Craig Kimbrel (33). Jim Traber 80,000.00 Rene Gonzales 75,000.00 Wade Rowdon 72,500.00 Bob Milacki 68,500.00 Gregg Olson 65,500.00 Carl Nichols 65,000.00 Curt Schilling 65,000.00 Craig Worthington 65,000.00 Jeff Ballard 62,500.00 Jose Bautista 62,500.00 Keith Hughes 62,500.00 Oswaldo Peraza 62,500.00 Pete Stanicek 62,500.00 1988. Sleeper: Julio Urias (25). 3 overall name on our 2014 Player Rater come season's end. 8 on the Player Rater. As well, a line from home plate or a dot can show where the base hit landed, using the diamond to represent the infield and beyond it for the outfield. This is a weaker position than you might think, from a prospects standpoint, but Alonso is one of the good ones. Philadelphia Phillies this season, with the most coming at shortstop, but for 2022, I've projected him as a full-time second baseman. Best of the rest: Jorge Alfaro (28) and. As long as you have a system to determine each pitch type thrown, you would mark each ball and strike and the pitch thrown. When a pitching change occurs, you could either opt to change to a new sheet for the pitcher, or put some sort of dividing line between the last batter faced by the previous pitcher and the new one. While on the game log, you will move to the next column each inning, for pitch tracking, you will fill each hitter one below other, only moving over once you get to the next turn for the first hitter in the line. Like third base, shortstop is a position filled with future talent, but Torres' gantt chart analysis inclusion here shows that there's some question about where all those up-and-coming stars might play. For pitch tracking score sheets like ours, you have the option of even tracking the type of pitch thrown for each individual pitch. If a player reaches base by error, you will want to note the the position of the player who committed the error, with E and their position number. Outfielders: Andrew Benintendi (27 Mike Trout (30 Ronald Acuna. Best of the rest: Scott Kingery (27). If you selected the diagram that allows you to add player positions, simply position the cursor to the right of each position and click to add each of your baseball player names. His power was on full display during the Futures Game, and he's already in Triple-A ball. Make sure to tell us which field diagram to use, and send us a monster job application copy of your school or other logo.


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1 and 2, and the "Best of the rest" picks, which are essentially the "B" team, begin with. Second baseman: Javier Baez (29). Jul 23, 2018, email print, so much can change in four years' time. Contents, the Batting Page, you will notice that for the batters, there are three groups how to make a letter of intent of columns: the lineup, the game log and the totals.

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Heckels chippewa falls menu Best of the rest: Carlos Correa (27) and Fernando Tatis. Devers, meanwhile, is a personal favorite, with much better raw power potential than people give him credit. HP or HBP hit by pitch, k strike out, pK pick off, sAC sacrifice bunt or hit, as well, you will want to use the same position numbering you are using for the batting section, although you do not. If a player draws a walk or is hit by pitch, you would note that in the lower right corner and then draw a line from the lowest corner of the diamond to the right corner. Although as long as you keep the numbering consistent you could give an extra infielder 7 and start the outfield at number.


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For any runners that are on base for an at bat, you will want to keep track of their movement on the bases. If the base hit drives in runs, you can note that in the lower left corner, preferably with tally marks for each run hit in by the batter.